PRx800 Wider Toe Box Weightlifting Squat Gym Shoe - RED


Introducing Pro Wolf PRx800 with Roomy Toe Box Weightlifting/Squat Gym Shoe offers maximum function and comfort with its unique design. Featuring a 25mm heel-to-toe drop, these shoes promote a natural feet spread and a stronger connection with the ground. Experience the power and strength in every lift with the Pro Wolf PRx800.

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  • Trusted By 9500+ Athletes
  • Wider Toe Box
  • Ultimate Stability

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Introducing the Pro Wolf PRx800 weightlifting/squat shoe! It's all about function and comfort with a Roomy toe box and a 25mm heel-to-toe drop. These shoes help your feet spread naturally and connect better with the ground, giving you power and strength in every lift.


All New Patented* Design

Revolutionary Pro Wolf PRx800 shoes! Featuring a patented granted design, these shoes blend modern aesthetics with unbeatable comfort. Built with the needs of athletes in mind, they offer a perfect combination of style and functionality

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Heel Elevation

PRx800 weightlifting shoes featuring a TPU plastic sole with a 2.5cm heel elevation. Engineered to optimize your posture.The strategically designed heel elevation enables you to achieve deeper squats while maintaining proper form.

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Comfortable wider toe box

  • Roomy toe box allows for a more natural posture

  • Fit, Feel, Flex: Natural sensory feedback & natural strength

  • Enhanced traction for powerful training With grippy and flat outsole

Dual Strap Mid-sole

Our shoes with Dual-Strap mid-sole construction. These straps ensure a secure fit, preventing any slippage during your lifts. Lock in your feet for ultimate stability and confidence in your training.

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Raise heel support for roll over control

The raised TPU Plastic sole frame around the heel area is strategically designed for precise control, preventing roll-over during heavy lifts.

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Material Used

  • Upper :The shoes' upper is Made from a seamless ultra-durable plastic synthetic fabric and Nepa leather, offering the ultimate combination of durability and premium quality.
  • Sole :As per Pro Wolf standards, we've designed the sole with highly grippy rubber on the surface and included TPU Plastic heel support for added stability.
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Totally Flat & Grippy Sole

Shoes is a completely flat sole, maximizing ground contact and providing an equal base for superior stability. Grippy rubber sole that keeps you securely anchored to the ground, preventing any slipping while lifting heavy

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For Whom ?

Why PRx800

Who Looking for Comfortable weightlifting shoe for those with wider feet who prefer spreading their toes while lifting.

Why PRx900

Designed for those seeking an aggressive shoe with a medium toe box, ideal for a snug fit

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