PRO WOLF was created in 2021 to fill a void in the fitness industry. We felt that the current big brands in the industry were selling overpriced products that didn’t match in quality versus value and price. We took it upon ourselves to change that, with better and more innovative product offerings we are a force to be reckoned within the fitness space. From day one our priority has been to provide a great customer experience in addition to exceptional products and 100% customer satisfaction; if you’re not happy, we won’t be happy either!

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Tejas, the founder of PRO WOLF is from MAHARASTRA. Having that “PRO mentality” about product quality and service, is a big part of what the foundation of PRO WOLF WEIGHTLIFITNG is today. There is just an inherent obligation to provide the very best in all facets of the business to stand out from the crowd. We’ll go that extra mile or kilometer, as we say in INDIA.

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