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Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes
Weightlifting shoes

PRx900 Weightlifting Squat Shoe - Black | PRO WOLF


Introducing the PRx900 weightlifting shoe - the ultimate choice for serious athletes. With a 25mm heel height and a robust TPU plastic heel structure, it offers unparalleled stability during lifts. Crafted from durable Nepa leather, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and support with a mid toe box. Its aggressive design not only looks great but also helps you maintain an upright posture, enhancing your weightlifting performance. Step up your game with PRx900!
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All new PRx900 weightlifting shoe - a game-changer with unmatched support and posture correction for your lifting endeavors. Boost your confidence with every rep. Choose from striking red or sleek total black. Explore the incredible features below and experience the ultimate in lifting performance.


Robust Nepa Leather

Constructed from best-in-class materials, including the incomparable Nepa leather, renowned for its exceptional strength. These shoes not only provide a premium feel but also offer unparalleled durability and longevity, all while boasting an impressive finish surface that combines style and substance

Heel Elevation

Our weightlifting shoes boast a TPU plastic sole with a 2.5cm heel elevation and a rubber grippy outsole. These shoes optimize your posture, facilitating a strong and upright stance for enhanced lifting performance. The added heel elevation allows you to achieve deeper squats with proper form.

Our shoes are constructed using heavy-duty Nepa leather, known for its unparalleled strength and durability, commonly found in high-performance football shoes. Elevate your lifting game with this robust and long-lasting footwear.

Dual Strap Midsole

Introducing our shoes with dual-strap midsole construction. These straps ensure a secure fit,preventing any slippage duringyour lifts. Lock in your feet for ultimate stability and confidence in your training.

Totally Flat surface

Our weightlifting shoes is a completely flat sole, maximizing ground contact and providing an equal base for superior stability. Grippy rubber sole that keeps you securely anchored to the ground, preventing any slipping while lifting heavy

red weightlifting shoes

Medium Toe Box

Featuring a Medium toe box. They're neither too narrow, preventing discomfort, nor overly wide, ensuring you maintain impeccable control while lifting weights.Medium toe box that strikes the perfect balance – comfortably accommodating your feet during weightlifting without being excessively wide, ensuring you maintain control and stability throughout your lifts. Prioritize form and comfort with our carefully designed footwear.

Functional Insole

Functional insole that provides exceptional arch support. This crucial feature ensures the even distribution of weight across the entire foot, creating a secure and stable feel during lifts. You'll experience the sensation of a snug hug around your feet, enhancing both comfort and confidence
for an elevated weightlifting experience

nylon fabric

How We Made Functional Insole

Insole made from a specialized combination of unique blend of TPU plastic and rigid EVA foam,
designed specifically for weightlifting and squatting. This insole provides minimal cushioning, with just a 5% compressibility, ensuring a firm and stable base for your lifts. Experience the support and performance you need to excel in your training.

Rollover control

Strategically designed silicon frame around the heel area, offering precise control to prevent roll-over during heavy lifts. Typically refers to a feature in shoes, especially athletic or performance footwear. This feature aims to prevent the foot from rolling too far inward (overpronation) or outward (under pronation) during activities like Jark and snatch. Shoes with good roll-over control provide stability and support to maintain a natural foot alignment and reduce the risk of injury.

You can use our shoe in competition like

International Weightlifting Federation
Powerlifting India
International Powerlifting Federation

+1200 Lifter love our PRx900 Shoes